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investing in the future of Arizona's
blind and deaf children

A sense of touch is very powerful, and we want to make sure that the blind hone this skill with the help of tactile fingerspelling.

What We Care For!

Signed Languages

A way to ensure that even the deaf have a way to speak and bring their opinions, making a difference.

Tactile Finger Spelling

A sense of touch is very powerful, and we want to make sure that the blind hone this skill with the help of tactile fingerspelling.

Screen Braille Communicator

With the help of a communicator, a blind person will have access to reading the world with a touch of a button.

What We Do


— Art For Life

We have access to art to bring about a change in someone life which can give their life a new meaning.


— Fit For Life

Blind and deaf people have a lot to give, and with a little bit of encouragement, they can conquer their life.


— Literacy For Life

Literacy is one way for everyone to learn and encourage differently-abled people around them to grow.


— Success For Life

Success does not see the person’s ability to see, hear or talk; rather it will allow you to grow and win.


— We Entertain

We have access to some of the best technology which will allow blind and deaf to be entertained just like anyone else.


— We inspire

We have some of the best people who can help them motivate and bring positivity into the lives of people.

Our Staff

We have some of the best people who are trying to focus their attention on each and every individual trying to bring out the best in them, encouraging them to be more.

latest news

Best Toys and Games for Blind Kids

Blind Kids

It can be challenging for people to decide what they can gift to kids with visual impairments. There are plenty of options available in toys and games that are meant specially for blind kids. Looks of a toy is not much of significance to the child who is visually impaired. Instead, you can search for the toys which can focus more on multi-sensory appeal with different textures, smell, and sounds. Here are some toys and games that you can purchase for blind kids.


Feelif is a tactile tablet for visually impaired kids which combines features of the Samsung tablet with a tactile surface which can create a new learning experience for kids. It features vibrations and built-in screenreaders to create tactile information for the blind.



AplhaBraille is an interesting braille bot which helps visually impaired children in learning braille alphabet. It offers 26 puzzle pieces that can be inserted into a device which reads the piece and plays matching ABC songs for the letter on the piece.

Wooden braille blocks

Little Sapling Toys make these high-quality wooden braille blocks and other wooden toys. These alphabet blocks are a great learning experience for bling kids while they can also enjoy building the blocks. The wood quality and finishing is top quality, making it a perfect choice for gifting to kids.

Wooden braille blocks

Light stacks

Light stacks are similar to legos but are made with inbuilt lighting. The blocks can interlock with each other and illuminate when they are connected either to a power base. They are effective in creating hand-eye coordination, tactile stimulation, and visual stimulation. It is a great gift for children who have a cortical visual impairment.

Braille learning doll

This special doll was first designed by a teacher who wanted to teach braille to his students. There are six buttons on the doll’s stomach which can be pressed to form braille letters. It is an engaging doll which appeals to the tactile and visual senses of kids. The doll has a traditional rag structure, which makes it a perfect soft toy.

Braille learning doll

Drum therapy kit

This drum therapy kit allows visually impaired children to learn drums in a safe environment. This learning instrument can help the kids in developing discipline, recollection, and communication skills. The kit also has an instruction manual which makes learning easier with the help of a guardian or teacher. It enhances hand-eye coordination while also improving the auditory skills and visual senses.

Do-a-dot markers

These special markets can help the visually impaired kids in many ways. Every market has a unique colour which is identified in braille. The kids can recognize the colours easily with touch. The markets are also easy to grab and use. This toy helps the kids to learn about colours and also enhances their creativity. The markets are safe for all age groups, and the ink does not leak or dry off if left without the cap.

5 Ways You Can Donate to A Charity

Donate to A Charity

It is a good deed to support a cause. It can be anything from helping the poor in need of protecting the environment from the harmful effects of global warming. The easiest way to donate to an organization is by using your credit card to make online transactions to their account. Even the smallest donations count for charities as it is not the value of money that counts, but the emotions of the donor which matters. You are making a difference just by thinking of donating to a charity. We have listed down a few ways how you can contribute to a charity so you can become a proud donor yourself.

Online donations/Checks

Writing checks or making online donations is the best way to donate money to a charity. Avoid giving them money in cash if it is a big amount. Checks and online transactions help in better management of the money and help the NGOs to keep track of their donations with bank receipts. Online donations is becoming more popular with the help of online wallets and net banking, which is also a safe option.

Online donations

Donate what you do not need

Anything that you are not using anymore at your home can be a worthy donation for the charities. From clothes, toys, sports gear, furniture, to old vehicles, everything can become a great donation for charities. Rather than throwing your old shoes out, clean them for one last time and donate them to charities or thrift shops. It will help those who are in need but find it hard to afford these things.

Become a volunteer

Volunteering will not cost you a penny and will help the charities and organizations in a lot of ways. If you are good in English literature, you can visit an NGO when you are free and take teaching sessions for the kids. Similarly, if you love animals, you can spend a day bringing food to an animal charity organization and make the animals feel good.



Share your skills

If You are good at something that can be taught to the kids or people at an NGO, you can conduct workshops and campaigns to train the people so that they can become independent enough to use their skills for earning income. The charitable organizations are looking for skills that they can implement in their learning sessions. Painting, carpeting, graphic designing, gardening, and handicrafts are some of the skills that you can share with others.

Spreading the word

If you know people who are interested in joining an NGO to help the people and animals in need, you can let them know about the charity that you support. That way, you are contributing indirectly by asking your friends to make donations. This will not only help the charities financially, but it will help create awareness in the society that can better the conditions of those who are in need.

The Real Words

I have experience my child grow and thrive on being his own individual, even with his hearing disabilities. This is one place that has given him hope for a better future for himself.