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Emergency Grant Qualifications and Guidelines

The Directors of Arizona Blind & Deaf Children’s Foundation have high hopes for the 4,000+ children in Arizona who are blind, deaf, low-vision, and hard-of-hearing, and as such, also have high expectations of the people who provide education and services to these children. The Foundation seeks to parter with, and award grand funding to, those organizations and providers who demonstrate the following:

  • Serves blind, deaf, low-vision, and hard-of-hearing children in the state of Arizona
  • Has current 501(c)(3) designation, or is an educational institution certified by the State of Arizona to teach blind, deaf, low-vision, and hard-of-hearing children
  • Experience in providing services to blind, deaf, low-vision, and hard-of-hearing youth in our four programmatic areas
  • Proposed project is not part of child’s Individual Education Plan (IEP), nor part of a regularly scheduled school program or activity
  • Specific goals and a well-organized plan and timeline to achieve those goals
  • Specific budget line items, current cost estimates, and a clear timeline for making expenditures with Foundation funds. Applicants must submit a balanced budget
  • A fiscally sound program budget delineating additional means of support outside of the request to our Foundation
  • An effort to collaborate with, or leverage support from, partner organizations. Please note that, in some instances, the Foundation may choose to issue a challenge grant, and award funding based on the organization’s ability to meet the funding challenge within a specified amount of time
  • An evaluation plan which substantiates the benefit of the program
  • Sustainability of the project after the Foundation grant funding has ended, or a clearly delineated plan to make the program finite in a way that best serves the needs of blind, deaf, low-vision, or hard-of-hearing children who benefit from the project
  • Agreement to Foundation reporting requirements
  • Agreement to foundation publicity requirements, and demonstration of the means to provide publicity as stated

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Defining Lives by A-Bility, Not Dis-ability

Imagine a blind child creating award-winning art, or a deaf child dancing. Imagine a world where blind and deaf children grow to be healthy, fulfilled, and contributing adults.

The founders of Arizona Blind & Deaf Children’s Foundation imagined that, and more. Since 2002, Arizona Blind & Deaf Children’s Foundation has been investing in the future of our state’s blind and deaf children, collaborating with experts to create and support programs that help provide the context and skills necessary for success.

With the help of caring individuals and businesses, we are determined to ensure that our state’s 4,000-plus blind, deaf, low-vision, and hard-of-hearing children and youth have what it takes to succeed now, and throughout their lives.

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