Our Values

  • Integrity of the Foundation, of Board members, of our partners and grantees, and of the young people we work to serve… we expect and strive for integrity in all of our actions and practices.
  • Independence— Especially of the young people we serve, but also, of our organization, and our actions, being independent of conflicts, of interests, or influences of specific interest groups.
  • Integration— Again, especially of the young people we serve as it pertains to their place in society; but also, of our Foundation. We must focus on being integrated into as many blind- and deaf- youth-serving groups as possible, insofar as they complement our mission. And. mort importantly, we have a responsibility to integrate blind and deaf issues into the context of our entire society.
  • Accountability— Our Board and staff hold themselves individually and collectively responsible for organizational accountability. In addition, we hold a strong hope that the children we serve ultimately hold themselves accountable for the greatest level of independence and success they are capable of achieving.

For Early Interactions With Children Who Are Deaf-Blind. Click Here.